Frequently Asked Questions

What is Changefly?

Changefly is re-imagining a world where accounts no longer need your traditional email, password, phone number, or payment details. A world where your personal data and identity are safe with only those you trust. A world where you are protected from phishing attacks, imposter scams, payment scams, and identity theft.

That future is now. Changefly is building the next-generation protocol for account protection and privacy, and an easy-to-use app where everything just works. A recipient of Google's Cloud Startup Program, we are a team of privacy and security engineers working to build a safer Internet.

We believe there can be a safer Internet, where individuals, organizations, and communities can explore, learn, and connect with confidence. We are committed to fostering a digital environment that protects users from harm, truly respects their privacy, and empowers them to navigate the online world safely. Through continuous innovation and collaboration, we strive to build a digital space where trust, security, and well-being thrive for everyone.

Simply put, Changefly is changing the future of account protection and privacy.


How does Changefly work?

Changefly is designed to give you total account protection all from a cryptographically secure code (QuickCode®) that changes on the fly, and an app so simple and intuitive to use that everything just works.

  • 👮 Anti-phishing + privacy by default.
  • ♻️Changefly advanced account protection replaces traditional usernames, email, phone and passwords.
  • Uniquely generated, single-use authentication that can only be used by you (no more usernames and passwords).
  • 🛡️ Built-in multi-factor authentication (no more security codes sent to your email or phone number which can be compromised).
  • 🚫 Third-party apps and services no longer need to ask for your personal data — Changefly automatically issues unique anonymous data on your behalf.
  • 🔥 When third-party apps or services suffer from a data breach, Changefly automatically generates and issues new anonymous data on your behalf and the old Changefly anonymous data is rendered useless.

This would be a lot of work to do all on your own, but with a couple of taps in the Changefly app — Changefly does the work for you.


What is included?

✅   QuickCode® - Total account protection all from a cryptographically secure code.

✅   Hide My™ - Add any account to your Changefly and get the same level of account protection and privacy that QuickCode provides.

✅   Secure Messaging - End-to-end encryption secures your communications and protects your privacy. Only receive important messages from your accounts, and no one else.

✅   Trusted Backup - Safely store your Changefly keys with people you trust, using the same QuickCode technology that protects your online accounts and privacy.


Who's using Changefly?

All ages and backgrounds from around the world — students, professionals, members of the public sector, and retirees.


How do I get Changefly?

Sign up for the waitlist, which is how the majority of users on Changefly have joined.


Why use invites?

Changefly is currently available as an invite-only pre-release. We use invites to help us smooth out any user experience issues before we release version 1.0 to the general public.


Changefly is located at 701 Fifth Avenue, Suite 4200, Seattle, WA 98104. For media inquiries, please contact press@changefly.com